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Home Design Trends: These are the Most Popular Roof Colors Throughout Phoenix

Are you trying to decide what roof color to use for your home in Phoenix? The exterior of your residence is one of the first things that people notice and renovations and changes are an important part of keeping your home fresh and presentable. Below, we’ll discuss some of the best roof colors for homes in Phoenix that can upgrade your home’s curb appeal. 

popular roof colors in Phoenix

Phoenix Roofing: Best Roof Colors

Before narrowing down on your new roof color, consider the climate in Phoenix, local restrictions, your personal aesthetic goals, and the surrounding architecture and landscape. The Phoenix area has an arid desert climate and is often prone to harsh winds, wind-driven rain, thunderstorms, monsoons, and haboobs. The architecture in Phoenix often incorporates effective heat management, earth-toned pallets, and desert landscaping. 

Light Blue: Unique & Calming

Light or medium cool blues, such as dusty blues or blue greys, are unique roof colors that help add an elegant, calming, and serene aesthetic to your home in Phoenix. These cool hues pair well with natural siding tones, harmonize with modern architecture, and give a peaceful touch to the exterior of your home. Plus, a bonus is that these dusty, cool tones will add a visually appealing contrast to the surrounding Phoenix landscape and complement the sky.   

best roof colors in Phoenix

Neutral Colors: Versatile & Minimalistic

Neutral roofing colors, such as tan and beige tones, will complement a wide variety of architectural styles and provide a harmonious blend with the surrounding desert landscape. In addition, these light colors are highly energy efficient and can reflect sunlight. If you’re looking for a new roof color that is both versatile and harmonious then choose tan or beige! 

Pale Grey: Sleek & Modern

Pale grey roofing is a fantastic choice for the Phoenix homeowner who desires something sleek, reflective, and versatile. Light grey roofing will help minimize heat absorption, adds a sophisticated feel to your home, and works well with a variety of architectural styles and aesthetics. 

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